Style Crush: Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl

She may only be a fictional character on a television show, but Blair Waldorf certainly kills it in the style department.  If I had beaucoup bucks to spend, I would surely be her identical clothes twin.  I’m a big fan of Gossip Girl and there is rarely an outfit of Blair’s that I do not covet.

Take the outfit pictured above in the center of the frame.  To me, this is just genuis.  Layering at its finest and the combination of textures is to die for.  I am a TOTAL sucker for anything lacey and girly.

Eric Damon, the show’s fashion director, is very particular when it comes to Blair.  Her outfits are always planned out to the very last detail and usually accompanied with her signature headband (mainly in seasons one and two).

I am always inspired after watching an episode of Gossip Girl and often find myself rummaging through my closet to mix and match pieces and create ensembles that give off the preppy yet sexy and polished vibes that are shown by Blair.

One of my favorite Blair outfits

A similar dress I recently purchased from Forever 21

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