Emmy Fashion

Let’s talk Emmy fashion.  This night of awards for prime time television took place two nights ago, and I’m going to go ahead and say that I think the fashion was pretty terrible.  There were a few good looks, but mostly awful dresses.  So here goes my little rant.

Kate Winslet wore an Elie Saab Resort 2012 red gown.  I think I wanted to throw up at all the red on the red carpet, but she pulled it off pretty well.  Also, the girl from the Vampire Diaries–Nina something?  She wore red as well and I think she looked lovely.  HOWEVER – it stops there.  Everyone else who wore red missed the mark, especially Lea Michelle–her Marchesa gown was too overwhelming for her tiny frame.  Her hair was also too casual, in my opinion.

Sophia Vergara wore a dress that did not show outrageous cleavage for once.  It was a lovely coral Vera Wang mermaid gown.  I thought Zooey Deschanel looked ADORABLE in Monique Lhuillier.  A lot of critics are making fun of her but I totally dug her sweet dress and pretty hair.  She reminded me of  a cupcake–in a good way!

Evan Rachel Wood was my favorite of the night.  I’m a bit biased because she is one of my favorite actresses, but the black dress she chose is absolutely exquisite—very old Hollywood glamour.  Also–OMG LENA HEADEY’S DRESS & SHOES.  I think she looked amazing!  A long-sleeved black dress is a favorite look of mine and the pink Brian Atwood pumps added a nice fun factor to the outfit.  Her hair and makeup looked gorgeous as well.

In my opinion, Gwenyth Paltrow looked all sorts of ridiculous in her Pucci dress.  I don’t care how “fabulous” her body is—this dress is inappropriate for anyone over the age of 25.  It also made her look like she had a chubby tummy, even though she does not.  So yeah, the opposite of flattering.  And Katie Holmes–why won’t you wear a dress that fits your frame properly?

I do not like the fact that Christina Hendricks always wears short heels.  I wanted to gag at the color of Kristen Wig’s dress.  And Diana Argon’s blue disaster of a dress was, well… a disaster.

So, as I mentioned before, some good lucks, but for the majority of attendees–better luck next time, ladies.


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