First post :)

The beginning of September symbolizes the coming of my very favorite season, a season filled with gorgeous weather, mugs of hot chocolate, holiday festivities, and of course, incredible fashion.  That being said, I feel that now is a perfect time to start my first blog.  Welcome to Katherine Loves Fashion.

I am a twenty-something recent college graduate residing in an east coast city where the temperatures are usually sweltering hot and the girls roam around in shorts and strappy sandals all year long.  Despite this, I prefer booties to flip flops and tights to bare legs, among other things.  I would describe my personal style as feminine with East Coast attitude, combined with a bit of edge.  For those of you who are Gossip Girl fans, think of it as a sort of cross between Blair and Serena’s closets (albeit a less expensive crossing).

Whether it comes from a new bottle of nail polish, the latest issue of Vogue, or the outfit I see on the girl next to me in line at Starbucks, fashion in all its forms never fails to inspire me.  With this blog, I myself hope to elicit a little inspiration and share the things I love most.